Musselroe Wind Farm - Tasmanian renewable energy

Hydro Tasmania’s operational wind farms are built in the prevailing westerly winds, the roaring 40s, which are a world class wind asset. The Musselroe Wind Farm has 56 wind turbines with a generating capacity of 168 MW – Tasmania’s largest wind farm. A new transmission connects the wind farm to the electricity grid at Derby. View the short story of the Musselroe Wind Farm below, or go here for the Musselroe Wind Farm full story.

What makes power from wind farms renewable?

Wind is generated from the heat of the sun, therefore it is not ‘used up’ after it has blown past a turbine, it continues to blow around the world. It is renewable because it can be used again and again.

Tasmania has a world-class wind energy resource – the island lies directly in the path of the roaring 40s, the prevailing westerly winds that circle the Earth’s high southern latitudes. When these winds reach the west coast of Tasmania, they have blown across the cooling Southern Ocean for thousands of kms since last touching warm land on the tip of South America.