Can I sign up multiple properties?

Absolutely. The easiest way to do it is by giving our team a call on 1800 627 228. You can also sign up online here, but you'll have to sign up each site separately.

Does changing power companies affect my power supply?

Changing power companies won’t cause a disruption to your service, it just means that you’ll start getting bills from a new company.

Does Momentum have business energy plans?

Momentum retails to business customers from small businesses and in the commercial and industrial sector. Take a look at our business page to see what we can offer.

How do I sign up for gas or electricity or switch energy supplier?

If you’re switching or just signing up, you can do it online or give us a call us on 1800 627 228. Once we’ve got your go-ahead, we’ll handle the break up with your old company.

What's the process after I've switched?

If you're staying in the same property, just sit back and we'll handle the changeover. If you're moving, you'll have to let your old supplier know what date you'd like them to disconnect your old place. At the new place, make sure the power is off at the main switch, there's no exposed wiring, and there's safe access to the meter. So long as we're able, we'll connect you on the move day you requested when you signed up.

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