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September Momentum Energy 3AW Small Business Award

Congratulations to The Travelling Kitchen for their commitment to teaching kids healthier eating options and inspiring them to learn how to cook and look after themselves and to help the next generation be as healthy and happy as possible.

The Travelling KitchenThe Travelling Kitchen promote healthy eating in an environment where obesity continues to increase alarmingly. They teach kids how to cook from scratch with real whole foods. Where parents are working longer hours, children are witnessing less cooking practices happening at home, so kids need to learn to look after themselves at a younger age than ever before.

They provide everything, all ingredients, equipment and trained food educators to run the sessions and offer  a satellite service so that schools only needs to provide a space that the Travelling Kitchen can transform into a kitchen. They work with kindergartens, councils and school holiday programs. With roaring testimonials, they have experienced a 45% growth rate in bookings from last year to this year repeat bookings and a growing staff from 3 to 12.

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