How to be the coolest person you know this summer

Summer is coming and you understand your mission: to keep cool without causing an aircon-related power bill blow out. Like any person skilled in the art of being cool, you know willpower will only get you so far. But we’ve got a few secrets up our sleeve, and a few handy items to pop in your chic summer tote that are guaranteed to make this summer your coolest yet – both in vibe, and in power savings.

Keeping cool tips

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Wet, and keep in the freezer. Apply to forehead and back of neck when needed. For a constant supply, keep a few on rotation.

Shirt, dress, hat
Run under water, and wear as normal. Do not simply use the air conditioner, become the air conditioner.

Fill with water, ice cubes and (if you’re feeling fancy) a drop of essential oil. Place feet inside.

Close when the sun is shining to prevent excess heat entering. Your place may feel a little dark, so we recommend offsetting this with rainbow ice cream.

Plastic bottles
Fill with water and freeze. Wrap in a tea towel and hold close. Alternatively, place between your body and a standing fan.

When the day cools down, open a minimum of two to allow a cool breeze to circulate.

No-cook meals
No ovens, no stoves. Just you and a cool, fresh meal that doesn’t create any excess heat. Cucumbers and bananas – we’ve heard – are some of the coolest ingredients.

Spray bottle
Fill with water and keep in fridge. Spritz face/body/cat when required.

Place in freezer for a cool treat at snack time. Legally, I’m pretty sure we have to warn you about brain freeze.

For taking you to cooler places: cinemas, shopping centres, supermarkets and that friend-of-a-friend’s place with the pool.

Now that you’ve got your aircon-free arsenal sorted, how about switching to a power company that’s as planet-friendly as you are? Here at Momentum we’re owned by Hydro Tasmania – Australia’s largest renewable generator. Chuck your postcode in below to see our plans.