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We're here to help.

16 August 2021

If you or your business have been affected by the recent lockdowns and pandemic restrictions, please be reassured that there are a number of ways we can help with your energy bills – from bill management options to more practical assistance.

Switch to monthly

If you’re on quarterly electricity billing, switching to monthly bills can smooth things out for you with smaller bills more often. Just call us – or send us a message through MyAccount – to make this change.

Set up SmoothPay

SmoothPay helps to smooth out the seasonal peaks and troughs of your home energy usage, so you pay consistent amounts throughout the year and know what to expect. You’re also in control of the frequency (weekly, fortnightly or monthly) and the day of the week or month your payments happen. You can get more information here, or set up SmoothPay in MyAccount (look for ‘Payment options’ or click on ‘My Bills’).

Get help from a local

As an essential service, we’re here to help during any lockdown, and we’re Australian-based so you get local support (while supporting Aussie jobs). If you need help, call our people in Melbourne or Hobart (1300 662 778) or message us on Facebook.

Pay in advance

This isn’t for everybody, but may be helpful for some. If it would suit you to get ahead on energy bills, you can make an advance payment any time to Momentum’s BPAY or bank account (you’ll find these details on previous bills).

Access your account anytime, anywhere

Jump online and Use MyAccount to manage your energy account remotely; you can check your current balance, update your details, see old bills – even arrange a short-term payment extension.

Payment extensions

For each bill you can arrange one extension online via MyAccount (look for ‘Payment Options’). If you need to request more, give us a call.

Tailored help

We have financial support available for energy bills, and we can work with you to set up the right kind of practical financial help for your household.

And please don’t worry

We continue to look after our most vulnerable customers. We won’t disconnect any household or small business that lets us know they’re in financial distress as a result of COVID-19.

Answering your questions.

9 April 2020

If you’re looking for information about concessions, getting more time to pay your energy bills, making changes to your billing cycle or accessing financial help, you’ll find answers in our COVID-19 FAQs.

We’re here to help.

27 March 2020

As an essential service, we’ll stay open during any shutdown. That means if you need help, our team is here for you. And because our call centres are in Victoria and Hobart, the service you get from us won’t be affected by what happens in other countries.

You can get in contact with us here or message us on Facebook. Please be patient with our Customer Care Team (like you, they’re dealing with challenging circumstances). We’ve also put some extra information in our FAQs.

You can also manage your energy account remotely through MyAccount any time you like. Jump online to check your current balance, update your details, see old bills – even arrange a payment extension. Just go to

A letter from Amy Childs

24 March 2020

A letter from Amy Childs


This is a scary time.

People are worried about their families and their jobs.

I don’t want to add more COVID-19 noise to the world, but I do want to take some of the worry off your shoulders.

I'll be clear: Energy is an essential service, and you will not be left high and dry during this crisis.

Momentum Energy customers have my commitment that we’ll support you through this time.

We’re here in Australia with you, with zero reliance on offshore services. So no matter what happens overseas, you’ll still be able to call us and speak to a human.

At some point, you may need to access financial hardship programs for the first time – rest assured that these programs are in place and we’ll tailor our help to suit your circumstances.

We’re a small player ourselves (about one-tenth the size of the industry giants) and seeing the impact this turmoil is having on small businesses and hardworking Australians is utterly heartbreaking. But supporting each other through trials like this is what Australia is all about.

We’re in this together.

Amy Childs
Managing Director, Momentum Energy

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