Momentum to take further steps to refund former customers impacted by historical concessions system issue

Momentum Energy has entered into an enforceable undertaking with the Essential Services Commission (ESC) in relation to actions Momentum will take to inform 340 former customers who did not correctly receive their concession payments that they are entitled to a refund.

Momentum has credited the refund to the closed accounts of these former customers and has attempted to contact them, but this has been unsuccessful so they are yet to receive a refund.

If the credit in these accounts cannot be paid to these former customers by 1 March 2020, these unclaimed moneys must be dealt with under the Victorian Unclaimed Money Act 2008.

Following a major upgrade of Momentum’s Customer Relationship Management system in 2017, some concessions were not correctly applied to new customers or to customers with changed concession details. Since then, changes to processes and systems have been put in place.

Momentum is continuing to take steps to inform these former customers of the credit available to them.

View the full text of agreed enforceable undertaking.