Spring clean your whole vibe

A lot of us are emerging from a locked down winter and it’s safe to say we’ve got some cobwebs – both literal and emotional – to shake off. So, we’re using this bingo card to help us crawl out of our winter groove, and take things to stone-fruit-salad level freshness.

Spring Clean Bingo

Picture not loading? Here’s the list:

  • Take green bags and produce bags to the shops
  • Recycle old batteries (recyclingnearyou.com.au)
  • Choose paperless bills and statements
  • Try a new meat-free meal
  • Go packaging-free at bulk food stores
  • Increase aircon temp by 1ºC
  • Do a local rubbish sweep
  • Resist one non-essential purchase
  • Mend an item of clothing
  • Quit wishcycling (that’s putting things in the recycle bin without knowing if they’re recyclable)
  • Recycle your soft plastic (redcycle.net.au)
  • Keep your food waste out of landfill (sharewaste.com)
  • Go pro-planet with your bank, super and telco
  • Properly dispose of old lightbulbs (recyclingnearyou.com.au)
  • Ditch plastic wrap, use containers
  • Pick a power company with real renewable credentials
  • Buy fruit and vegies loose (not in plastic)
  • Use up what’s already in the pantry
  • Reduce heater temp by 1ºC
  • Start a ‘tricky plastics’ recycle box (floraandfauna.com.au/recycle)
  • Choose second hand, or ethical for the things you need
  • Use old towels and clothes instead of paper towel
  • Learn more about Country (aiatsis.gov.au/whose-country-am-i)
  • BYO container for your takeaway