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Eco-inspo: What to do in the darkness this Earth Hour

We’re switching everything off this Earth Hour. If you’re doing the same, here's 15 good (and bad) ideas we had on how to spend it.

  1. Tell stories and jokes. Learn a few new ones ahead of time.
  2. Choose a movie you haven't seen and make up the plot based on the title and cover.
  3. Give your partner, kids or pets a smooch.
  4. Pat your pet and pretend they're a spooky monster."Gunther the poodle is no more. This here is a creature not of this earth."
  5. Decorate a cake as ornately as you can, by candlelight.
  6. Practise something you feel silly doing in daylight. Aim for this not to be cutting your hair, or tattoo-related.
  7. Have a candle-smelling night and write reviews."Sandlewood and musk, as a combination, hit the point where 'kindly gentleman' and 'forest nymph' meet. Hard to achieve and highly invigorating."
  8. Play candlelit charades on earth-related topics."The way he said 'carbon emissions' with his body was truly something"
  9. Try the whole evening without any light at all. No candles, no sparklers.
  10.  On the other hand, who can make the best sparkler art?
  11.  Make a TV out of a cardboard box and report on made up stories.
  12.  Get out the tambourine and serenade your friends.
  13.  Play Marco (darko?) Polo."Marco.""Yes.""Oh there you are. Want to play Marco Polo this Earth Hour?"
  14.  Look for constellations (or make up your own)."That one looks just like Nicolas Cage in Con Air"
  15.  Get everyone to eat different foods blindfolded and guess what they are.Apricots don't taste like apricots in the dark.

To inspire you even more, here are some of our photos from last year:

Making gnocchi

We avoided disappointment at their misshapen forms by eating them in the dark too.

Castanet ensemble practice

Can I click it? Yes I can.

Washing the cat

This we don’t recommend.