Momentum's Get Happy campaign advertisements

Why is Momentum getting happy?

15 January 2021

I’m sure I’ll get no argument in saying 2020 was a shocker of a year, and I think we’re all hoping 2021 will provide a stark contrast. So here at Momentum, we felt it was a good time to put something positive, fun and joyful into the world.

That‘s why you’ll soon see a new campaign around town.

It’s also why it looks nothing like your typical energy industry advertising.

We’ve called it ‘Get happy’.

Because even though every energy company sells pretty much the same thing, there’s a huge difference in how a company can make a customer feel about their choice.

I’ll be the first to admit our industry isn’t traditionally associated with unbridled joy. But with Momentum, every customer can feel happy about supporting renewable energy through our parent company, Hydro Tasmania, who generates more renewable power than any other business in Australia. As a homegrown company, our customers can also feel good about backing Aussie jobs and supporting the Australian economy. Momentum is not only 100% Australian owned, but all our people are based here too.

Forget ho-hum energy ads – in 2021 we’re celebrating happiness and giving Victorians joyful experiences. And we’re doing it with all the childlike wonder, imagination and enthusiasm we can muster, from using headlines about ‘warm fuzzies’ and ‘unicorn fur’ to creating a giant working lava lamp and designing a sequin-covered ‘Glam tram’.

I genuinely hope it’ll put a smile on your face.

Naomi Morton, General Manager Sales and Marketing

Get happy
Get happy
Get happy

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