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printable solar cells
Renewable Energy
Printable solar cells

Paper thin solar cells on paper can now be produced with inkjet printing.

solar power for home
At Home
How solar increases your home's value?

Solar power could be the best way to increase your property’s value, as well as reduce your energy bill.

prefab and modular homes
Sustainable Design
Prefab & modular homes reduce costs

Prefab & modular homes are using new building materials, resulting in lower build costs.

haiku fan at home
The world’s most energy efficient ceiling fan

Combine a smart ceiling fan & thermostat with your aircon & get kick ass energy savings.

friends having dinner
At Home
Creative ways to save energy (July)

70 creative ways to save energy! These ideas to save energy are varied & creative & can save you money!

hydro plant
Renewable Energy
Free Power: Harness Electricity From a River

Going off-grid has never been easier, especially if you live near a river.