Energy efficient clothes washing

Energy efficiency tips for your next washing load

Washing and drying your clothes can use lots of water and electricity and can end up costing a lot if you’re not careful. Using an energy efficient washing machine can help you save money by reducing the amount of electricity used to wash and dry clothes. You’ll also save more in water and detergent costs over the life of the machine. The following lists gives you several energy efficient ideas for washing and drying clothes that can save you monety and put more back in your pocket each month.


  • Use cooler water when washing your clothes to reduce the need to heat water as much, saving a lot of energy in the process. Heating water for a load of washing accounts for about 90 percent of washing machines’ energy consumption

  • The warm or cold setting on your machine will generally do a good job of cleaning your clothes. Unless you’re dealing with persistent or oily stains, avoid the high heat sanitary/soaking cycle if your washer has one, as it significantly increases energy use

  • Switching the temperature setting from hot to warm or even better, from hot to cold, can therefore dramatically reduce your energy bill


  • You should aim at washing full loads because washing machines use almost the same amount of energy to tumble, spin and wash your clothes, regardless of the size of the load.


  • Use a high spin speed to remove as much moisture from your clothes as possible so you don’t have to use as much energy drying them.

  • If your clothes dryer has a moisture sensor, use it to automatically turn off the machine when your clothes are dry. This will save you energy, plus decrease the wear and tear on your clothes.

  • Clean the lint filter between each load to maximize the air circulation and the efficiency of the dryer.

  • However, air-drying clothes is always the most energy efficient method to dry your clothes. Therefore whenever possible, air-dry your clothes to avoid drying costs and help your clothes last longer. If it’s wet and cold outside, you can put your drying rack in front of your heaters for quicker and more efficient drying.

Why not try these energy efficient tips on your next washing load?