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With technology continually improving and becoming more available and cheaper, businesses can become more sustainable while lowering their costs at the same time. For example, video conferencing to reduce travel costs, telephony costs can be reduced using IP telephones, energy efficient lighting and more power-efficient design in your workplace can reduce your electricity, heating and cooling costs.

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energy wave
At Momentum, we believe fair’s fair

On July 1, new regulations designed to make energy pricing fairer rolled out in the energy sector.

5 stars for everything but modesty
5 stars for everything but modesty

We’re telling anybody with ears that we just won (another) Canstar Blue Award. Woot.

7 things I've learned in 1 month at an energy retailer
7 things I learned at an energy retailer

Try and think what an energy retailer looks like on the inside. Picturing the fiery depths of hell? I knew it.

Canstar Blue best rated VIC gas supplier 2018
Momentum rated best VIC gas supplier

We’re now Canstar Blue’s top-rated Victoria gas provider, scoring 5 stars in almost every category.

energy wave
4 tips from the top

Amy Childs & Fiona Preston from Momentum Energy share their tips for getting ahead in business.