Top 3 reasons we’re backing the comedy festival

We’re tickled to be the Melbourne International Comedy Festival’s energy partner. Here’s why.

1. It makes Melbourne happier

Apart from that time I ate too much sourdough during lockdown, there’s nothing more side-splitting than an event that brings all the big names in comedy to Melbourne while also helping you discover some of your future faves.

2. It’s good for local business

There’s a serious reason we’re supporting comedy. After a couple of let’s-never-do-that-again years for Victorian businesses, the Melbourne Comedy Festival is helping to draw crowds back into the CBD to give local traders the boost they deserve. If you’re heading in to see a show, make a night of it and visit one of the city’s amazing cafes, restaurants or bars. (Top tip: Midweek Melbourne Money may still be available for 25% off eligible bills, or you can cash in on 25% on eligible dining and entertainment purchase through the Victorian Dining and Entertainment Program - check the deets and keep your receipts.)

3. Laughter makes the planet go round

Speaking of planets, did you know Greenpeace reckons one of the lowest-effort-biggest-result actions you can take to fight climate change is switching to a greener power company? And switching is easier than most people think – you just sign up to the new company and they’ll take care of the breakup with your old provider. So if you suspect your power bills are funding one of Australia’s big polluters, suss out Greenpeace’s 2022 Green Electricity Guide for some planet-friendly alternatives (or just switch to one of their greenest power picks right now).

Could our plans put a smile on your face too?

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