5 big lessons from one tiny house

As a supporter of The New Joneses, Momentum Energy recently joined them at Pako Festa in Geelong. We had a little stand sitting near The New Joneses 'Tiny House'.

What's a Tiny House? Exactly what it sounds like. A liveable low-impact home with two beds, a tiny bathroom (hidden behind the bookshelf), a little kitchen and small garden – all taking up a miniscule 12.5 square metres.

Be smart with your home's resources and make changes to help the planet

This little space showcases the principles The New Joneses promote – doing more with less and making little changes to your daily habits that can help the planet.

Here's what Kate (from Momentum Energy's marketing team) learnt during the day.

  1. To help the planet, you don't have to go big...or small.  

    Help the planet by incorporating suitable habits into lifestyle

    As much as I loved this tiny house, the chances of me and my cats actually moving into one are pretty low. Luckily, The New Joneses tell me that doing the right thing isn't about uprooting my entire existence, but incorporating new habits that already suit my lifestyle.

    Take reusable coffee cups, for example. I see plenty of Momentum Energy colleagues regularly sipping from these. Meanwhile, mine sits unused on my desk (sorry planet, my bad). So instead of continuing to try to swim against the current, I'm just going to swap my usual takeaway latte for a sit-and-stay coffee instead. It generates the same enviro benefits as a reusable cup. But I don't have to remember to take it with me and I get an extra ten minutes to myself in the morning. Win-win.

  2. Kids are more environmentally aware than I thought.

    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

    When I spoke to Tamara DiMattina – creator of The New Joneses – she mentioned that she's really impressed with the number of kids who seem to know the (new) three R's: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. It was really encouraging for me to hear how many schoolkids already embrace the idea of doing more with less and lowering their impact on the planet. (For context, when I was their age I was too busy watching The Muppets to even notice there was an outdoors.)

  3. Consider who you're doing business with.

    While each of us can only do so much individually, it's good to remember that as a customer, you get to decide which companies to support. Do a quick mental audit on the businesses you currently do business with. Reckon they're doing the right thing? If so, great! If not, maybe it's worth switching to someone who is. Want to see how Momentum Energy stacks up? (#shamelessselfpromotion)

  4. The old tips (mostly) still apply.

    Momentum included a bunch of energy saving tips in the Tiny House. Many of them aren't new ideas, but they're still relevant, and they still work. I know I'm often chasing the latest thing, so it's good to remember that tried and true ideas can be just as good as shiny newfangled ones.

    Energy-saving tips and guides
  5. Inventing new ways to reduce waste is fun.

    In partnering with The New Joneses, our marketing department had to rethink the way we usually run an event. We thought it'd be tricky, but it turned out to be fun.

    Instead of printing a bunch of new flyers, we reused existing business cards. Plus we printed the kids' colouring picture on recycled paper, and since the event, we've turned any abandoned colouring sheets into tiny notepads.

    Get smart about how you recycle