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Haiku fan
The world’s most energy efficient ceiling fan

Combine a smart ceiling fan & thermostat with your aircon & get kick ass energy savings.

battery technology
What’s new in batteries?

It’s a relief to hear about improvements that extend the life of the not-so humble battery.

apps for sustainable living
Apps for a more sustainable life

These sustainable living smartphone apps may help you live at little more sustainably.

electric jets
Electric jets will reinvent regional air travel

Electric jets are going to revolutionise regional air travel, but how?

thin solar panels
How thin can solar panels get?

Solar panels called ‘Solar Paper’, can now be used to charge a host of small appliances.

Ann Makosinki
15-year-old invents a green flashlight

Ann Makosinski has invented a prize-winning flashlight powered simply by the warmth of her hand.