An open letter to energy users

Our industry needs to change.

I believe the first step to getting fair prices is to get transparency in energy pricing.

Personally, I don't see how that can happen while the "discounting war" continues.

It sounds harmless enough - surely a discount can't be bad? But this practice can muddy the waters for energy customers. It makes it almost impossible to compare prices. Worse still, the discounts can often be highly conditional and could end up costing Australians more in the long-run.

How is that fair?

That's why Momentum Energy offers 0% off.

It's no joke.

Nor is it a short-term gimmick or just a marketing campaign. We're serious about our no-discounts policy because we think it'll help families and businesses make better decisions. Because we want people to understand how much their energy is going to cost them each month.

We're asking other energy retailers to follow suit.

The sooner all energy companies abolish discounts, the sooner customers can understand the cost of energy, compare apples with apples and genuinely see who's offering them the best deal. After all, if we can't convince you to choose us on a level playing field, perhaps we don't deserve your business.

We'd be delighted to see discounting stopped.

Paul Geason, Managing Director, Momentum Energy

Paul Geason,
Managing Director, Momentum Energy